About Us

About The School

War Heroes Memorial School (WHMS) has been established to perpetuate the memories of those fallen heroes/martyrs who sacrificed their today, for our tomorrow. The nation is proud of them. It is incumbent on us to honour their sacrifice and look after their families.



The co-educational and day boarding school is run by Mugla-Duli Memorial Education Society.



WHMS is 15km from Karnal town centre and 4km North of Tehsil Town - Gharaunda. The school is situated barely three hundred yards East of GT Road, 110km from Delhi at Village Basdhara between the RPIIT Group of Institutions and Power House.



The school will start functioning from 01-04-2020 for classes LKG to 10+2

School Staff

WHMS has a team of highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and committed staff for academic and co-curricular activities. The Principal is the head of the institution and the Vice Principal assists in academic and administrative fields.



With increased strain and stress on society, reintroduction of basic values has become imperative in order to remain physically fit, mentally alive and robust. The inculcation of true aggressive spirit in children has become mandatory owing to the menacing threat of extremism and militarism, which is fast enveloping our society.


Futuristic Plans

Once the school is established up to 12th Class, the plan is to introduce aptitude tests through psychological batteries to judge the suitability of the student for a particular discipline. We then have exclusive sections from 11th Class onwards as NDA (National Defence Academy), medical, engineering and genius sections to help them prepare for competitive examinations on completion of 12th Class.

Vedic Maths & Abacus

Vedic-maths and abacus classes are provided to the students which help the children in quick solving multiplications, division and complex algebra. Vedic maths technique helps students in increasing interest and concentration in academics.


The school provides all the laboratories for chemistry, physics, geography, arts, mathematics and computer for thorough practices in particular subjects. For visualised teaching & learning, smart classes are in use.

Educational Tours

Educational Tours are planned for mental growth which help improve the academic performance.


The school organises many events where students participate and they discover their talent through seminars, festival celebration, creative writing skill classes, story telling method, rangoli competition, mehandi competition, inter house dance & singing competition, math and science quiz and sports activities during the year. A number of inter school competition are also organized by the school.

Medical Aid

A trained medical assistant with basic medicines will be available at the school at all times to cater to the requirement of sudden sickness & injuries. Madhuban Dispensary and Arpana Hospital are 5 minutes away.

A yearly medical checkup will be carried out and a report sent to the child’s parents. A detailed medical report will be maintained for each student. Children requiring special treatment will be referred to the specialist. In the case of hospitalisation, the parents and local guardian of the child are informed. Expenditure on medication, medical tests, hospitalisation & all other treatment recommended by the doctor will be billed to the parents.

Art & Craft

Art & Craft is a very keenly sought after subject today. Decorating any place artistically and colourfully is the cornerstone of this subject. We have one activity hall for the purpose & separate art/craft teacher.


Hobby Classes & Clubs

Various clubs have been formed for different hobbies. The response of the children to these classes is amazing. Every child is required to choose at least one hobby club. The clubs meet once every fortnight with a proper agenda and activity calendar. Clubs at the school are: Yoga, Sports, Science, Environment, Reading, Art/Craft, Music, Calligraphy, Maths & Computers.



Buses will be made available based upon requirements. We currently have a fleet of 6 buses to ferry children. All the buses are positioned at the outer periphery to do the first trip. Most buses will have to do a second trip in the inner circle. The buses are fitted with CCTV, GPS and Governor.

Buses, once applied to a route, will not be stopped during the journey.

Note: No student will be permitted to bring a car, motorcycle, scooter or moped to the school.

Tours & Excursions

All students are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities. Groups of 15-20 students are sent out to nearby hills escorted by staff members. This offers them an excellent opportunity to develop a spirit of adventure and an understanding of the importance of working together in a team with common purpose. Besides these expeditions, the school sends children on educational tours.

School Dress Code



Boys : White shirt, black shoes, navy blue socks, navy blue pag (for Sikh students) & bottle green trousers with plaits for boys. All boys below 5th Class to wear bottle green shorts. Girls 8th and above to wear salwar/kameez with school logo.

Girls : White shirt with half sleeves, red ribbon,bottle green skirt with knife cut plain shoes without laces & navy blue socks.



Boys :Bottle green blazer & pullover with two brass buttons and school logo OR bottle green pullover with badge worsted grey trousers for all.

Girls : Bottle green blazer with brass buttons or bottle green cardigan round neck. Worsted grey skirt. Salwar kamee for girls over 8th class with school logo on all days.

School Hours

Summer : 7:30am – 2:00pm
Winter : 8:30am – 3:00pm


Visiting Hours

Principal : 11:00am – 12:00pm

Parent’s day is on the second Saturday of the month. No parents will be permitted to meet with the Principal or Class Teachers outside of the dedicated time above, except under exceptional circumstances.


School Sessions & Vacations

The school academic year is from April to March. The teaching is divided into two terms:

  • First Term – end of September
  • Second Term – end of March

School vacations are:

Summer : third week of May to first week of July.

Winter : December end for 8 days/01 January onwards.

In addition to the above holidays, there will be a mid term break for Diwali.

Stationery & Book Shop

A stationery store is located on the school premises from where all cash paying students can purchase stationery items and syllabus books.


School Bank

To enable the students to have practical training in the banking system, we have a school bank where the students can deposit & withdraw money. Any deposits are their own savings and can be withdrawn at will.


Generator & Power Backup

The school & hostel has its own generator to supply backup power.


Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English.


School Rules

  • Parents/guardians are expected to observe all rules and regulations of the school, which may be enforced from time to time. In case of disputes, the decision of the Principal will be final and binding for all.
  • Smoking/chewing of tobacco or use of alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited in the school & hostel.
  • Students cannot leave the premises of the school without the express permission of the Principal.
  • All students must maintain their diary & keep it up-to-date.
  • Students participation in all functions and activities of the school is compulsory.
  • Parents who wish to withdraw their child must notify the Principal/Hostel Warden of their intention at least a month prior to withdrawal or one month’s fee in lieu will be charged.
  • Names of Class 9th to 12th students absent from the school for 6 days will be struck off the roll and students for classes up to 8th will be struck off after 10 consecutive days absence.

The school has been divided into five houses. The houses have been named after highest after awards during war of Param Vir Chakra (posthemous) from five different religions after independence.

These five houses are:


Somnath House

Named after Major Som Nath Sharma of Kumaon regiment who laid down his life at Badgam in J&K in 1948.


Hamid House

Named after Havaldar Abdul Hamid of Grenadiers who laid down fighting gallantly in Khemkaran Punjab in 1965 Indo-Pak conflict.


Sekhon House

Named after flying officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon of the Indian Air Force for fighting valiantly against Pakistan Sabre aircraft in Srinagar in 1971.


Albert House

Named after LNK Albert Ekka of Brigade of Guards who fought ferociously in Bangladesh in 1971 Indo Pak war.